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Sports Cardiology – Stress Tests

Rema Sports Cardiology
We differentiate ourselves by working with cardiologists specializing in sports and exercise. Sports Cardiology Dedicated to the detection of heart problems that may pose a risk to the practise of physical activity.


J.C. Ferrero (Roland Garros champion and tennis  world nº 1 player in 2003) and Cardiologist Dr. De la Guía

J.C. Ferrero (Roland Garros champion and tennis world nº 1 player in 2003) and Cardiologist Dr. De la Guía

Professional tennis player Pablo Andújar during an Ergospirometry at REMA

Professional tennis player Pablo Andújar during an Ergospirometry at REMA

Stress tests

During a stress test we establish the VO2 max (maximal oxygen consumption) of the athlete. The expired gases are collected with a facemask, whilst the athlete runs on a treadmill or pedals on a bike. The intensity will gradually be increased. Oxygen consumption is the most suitable way to determine the ability to perform aerobic exercise: higher oxygen consumption is typical in well-trained athletes. Knowing the aerobic and anaerobic thresholds allows you to establish the ideal intensity for aerobic (prolonged activity) and anaerobic (e.g. h.i.i.t.) training to optimize performance and recommend rhythms for competitions. In REMA we obtain reliable parameters for the athlete (casual or professional) so he or she can gradually increase the intensity of their training to improve the anaerobic system and to delay muscle fatigue.

Ergospirometry. Stress test with measurement of respiratory gases

In REMA we conduct ergospirometry tests to study the functional ability of the athlete, allowing us to control their evolution at different stages of the season so athletes and coaches have fundamental tools to individualise training programs. During these tests the respiratory gases are analysed (oxygen intake and carbon dioxide exhalation) giving us an accurate measurement of peak oxygen intake (VO2 max) and of the athlete´s aerobic and anaerobic threshold. In addition we assess if the response to exercise is physiological or if there exists some kind of pathological alteration which might in some way limit or contraindicate the practise of sports.


Many heart problems go unnoticed with just an electrocardiogram (ECG), which is the only screening currently required for athletes. That´s why in REMA we incorporate an ECOCARDIOGRAPHY: key cardiologic technique to diagnose those alterations that can evolve and produce setbacks when practising sports. Our cardiologists, part of ICMA (Cardiologic Institute Marina Alta) will conduct a thorough cardiologic review which includes a complete clinical history, physical examination, ECG, ergospirometry as well as a Doppler echocardiography. All performed with the latest, cutting edge technology, following the recommendations of the American Society of Echocardiography: Assess dimensions and function of the cardiac chambers as well as valvular morphology and function.

Comprehensive evaluation with the latest technology

In REMA we evaluate the cardiologic risk to practising sports. We carry out very specific tests with the best and latest technology, always directed by highly experienced cardiologists. Our goal: improve your performance, minimizing the risk of heart problems. We offer all kinds of studies, including genetic testing.

For all ages and fitness levels

The evaluation is suitable for children, adults and seniors, from recreational exercisers to professional athletes.

A great team

We work with physiotherapists and doctors specializing in prevention and rehabilitation: neurologists, orthopaedic surgeons, GPs and cardiologists.